Our Hoodles

Hoodles: a play on words are healthy instant noodles that will change your life forever. Say goodbye to sugary and salty, low-quality two-minute noodles and hello to healthy, feel-good instant meals that make the perfect substitute for a take-out lunch when you don’t have leftovers.

Born from a desire to make ‘ready-made’ food better for you, our Hoodles are packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, vitamins and minerals to help you get your fill each day, even when you haven’t had the time to pack a nutrient-dense lunch. Each serving is low in GI, making it incredibly filling and satiating. Plus, you have three flavours to choose from: Roast Chicken, Vegetable Hot Pot and Braised Beef.

Don’t let the names fool you, though. Each flavour is 100% plant-based, sugar-free and gluten-free, making them suitable for many people with dietary restrictions.

Our Hoodles also have a no-flick factor. We achieve these by creating short noodles, rather than long ramen-style ones. This means that even if you’re eating them at your desk at work, you won’t be left with a soupy mess all over when you’re done.

What are the benefits?

Our Hoodles are packed with benefits that your body will thank you for. Firstly, they are a great way to avoid purchasing lunch or dinner when you don’t have anything in your pantry. This would otherwise mean you need to eat takeaway, which can be oily, sugary and filled with harmful preservatives. When you choose them to nourish your body, you will also be nurtured by their anti-inflammatory products, antioxidising qualities and gut-loving goodness. Just one serving a week can significantly improve digestion, help cleanse your gut and body and help say goodbye to a build-up of nasties, which may otherwise be making you feel unwell or fall sick often.

While our Hoodles can be eaten alone, you can also add ingredients as you see fit. One way we love to eat them is by cracking an egg in the boiling water used to soften the Hoodles. By allowing this to poach, you open yourself up to the added protein and essential vitamin benefits that are added by the egg. You can do this with many other ingredients too, making our Hoodles a dynamic way to enjoy more veggies and feel-good ingredients.

How do you eat it?

Eating the Hoodles is as simple as pouring boiling water over the contents, closing the lid and letting the instant noodles soften for five minutes. You can then eat the Hoodles exactly as they are. Just pop off the lid and they’re good to go. 

If you want to diversify the flavour even more though, the options to what you can add to the Hoodles are unlimited. Some of our favourites include: 

An egg 

Mushrooms (especially shiitake) 

Buk Choy 




Cuts of meat, such as roasted chicken 


If you have leftover ingredients in your fridge that you just can’t seem to get rid of, they’re all suitable candidates for our Hoodles.